The Foundation of Carthage Cultures and Sciences “FOCCUS” is an association of cultural and scientific character created by virtue of the publication in Jort n ° 82 dated July 09, 2013. It is a university association which wants to be a connecting bridge between the university and its socio-economic environment.

Founding Office:

Lassaad El Asmi: President

Mahmoud Lyes Hamza: Vice President

Wahida Boutteba – Graja: Secretary General

Hichem Yahyaoui: Treasurer

Ouannas Hefyane: Resp seminars

Hamadi Bouabid: Resp Communications

Hmida Makhlouf: Resp the documentation

Fakher Kharat: Respecting national and regional relations

Salvatore Ficara: Resp international relations


To open the University to its national and international socio-economic environment in all its components and to encourage cooperation with the economic, social and cultural sector, through:

Create a platform for exchange and expertise between University and Enterprise locally and internationally.
Organize training workshops in order to reduce the gap between training courses and the needs of the socio-economic sector.
Organize scientific symposia, conferences, and workshops.
Disseminate and document the activities it performs
Priority axes

1- Employability and Professional Integration

218.2 thousand unemployed graduates of tertiary education in the second quarter of 2013 (INS).

(231,000 in the first quarter of 2013)

Crucial problem that requires a combined effort of all

actors: political, economic, universities and civil society.

We must work on the qualification and competence of graduates.

Seek a better match between training courses and the job market.

Among the diplomas that generated the most jobs for the beginning of 2013, there is that of the technician of the superior with 76,000 jobs created

Encourage companies with high employability and productivity and strengthen the fight against corruption.

2- Student mobility:

Promote the movement of people between universities and businesses

Facilitate mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean area

For this, students must be encouraged and assisted for mobility through existing university networks.

Develop more partnerships to enrich these existing networks.


Scheduled actions

Cross training:

As part of the cooperation with Erasmus Expertise, ensure

complementary transversal training courses

to improve the employability of graduates and their best

occupational integration

Organization of University Conferences:

End of November 2013: PLM-CATIA Day
10-11 December 2013: International Symposium: “Bologna Process and Global Changes in Higher Education Spaces”, Ennejma Palace Ezzahra Sidi Bou Said

  1. Global Forum on Modern and Direct Democraty, INAT

Launch Journals of the University:

Scientific and cultural journals